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Volume 7

Adventures in Harmony (Volume VII)
Substitution and Passing Chord Reference
Winter 2010 Edition 

This is an add-on reference volume for the Adventures in Harmony Course.
This volume contains passing chords that you can use in ongs of your choice. In this volume we have voicings for all of the major tones of the scale. You will be able to play these voicings in any key with our play by number system. This volume is not required to use our patent pending learning technique.
  • In Volume I (Hamonizing on the bass)
          - This volume contains the chord voicings to DO IT WITH!
          - Voicings for the I, II, III, IV, V, VI and MajVII
          - Over 1900 ADDITIONAL Voicings and Passing Chords!

Over 194 pages in full color.

Watch this and see how you will learn to use substitution and passing chords:

This volume contains those hard hitting chord voicings indexed by the BASS note. If you need a particular chord for a particular scale tone, find it in this volume!!
Say for example you are in the key of Db, and you need a IV chord. A IV chord in the key of Db is a Gb Chord, or just say you need a Gb chord. Other couses may give you a simple plain jane Gb7th chord, Well how about instead of that chord, play one of these beautiful
Gb13 sus chords

or a Gb min 11 !
There is no other place on the planet where you will find beautiful chords detailed for you like this to you to use in your music!
Suppose you have a (V) - (I) chord progression in the key of Db. That is an Ab chord to a Db chord, and you wanted to insert a passing chord in between. Well in using this volume, you are free to choose a passing chord based on any one of the tones in the scale. YOU ARE IN CONTROL! Suppose you wanted to add a (II) chord in between in Ab and Db. A (II) chord would be an (Eb). Simply refer to this volume and it will give you many BEAUTIFUL (Eb) chords to choose from as passing chords to add between your Ab and Db.
In this example we inserted a beautiful
 Eb9 sus #5b5 as a passing chord between the (Ab) and (Db) chord.
Ab9 sus
 Eb9sus #5b5 (WOW)!
 Db6,9 Sweet!

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With the Gospel Chords Play by Number System, we want to give you the ability to harmonize as you play, and be free to choose where you want to go musically depending on the mood or service. The chords and progressions that you create from the chords in this course are going to be your own little secret!!!

" Legos and Buidling Blocks."

Our system has over 12000 chords!! Our system is like a kids lego set, you can start with as little as 12 (because there are 12 tones in a scale) and add more as you become comfortable...because they all fit together like building blocks..


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